Tuesday 1 October 2013

Loui's Kouzina :: Greek-ing it Out!

Tzatziki ($5.25)
thick and creamy pressed yogurt blended with fresh cucumber and just the right amount of garlic

The tzatziki is delicious and the portion is generous. It is refreshing, light, yet addicting - beware, consuming this appetizer without caution may lead it become your actual entree. What's amazing that it also tastes great with the souvlaki or the complimentary garlic bread (not pictured - but delicious!) if you have any left when those arrive.

Fried Kalamari ($9.25)
lightly tossed in seasoned flour and fried

Loui's Fried Kalamari is fried - yet is light on the palette. The batter compliments the kalamari and does not weigh it down. Adding the dash of lemon - and this is delicious simple fried kalamari. No need for the bells and whistles, though it tastes great with tzatziki.

Pork Souvlaki & Lamb Souvlaki (Large; $13.95, $14.95)
large plates are served with Greek Salad, tzatziki, and a choice of two the following - fries, rice, roasted potatoes, and mixed vegetables

Both the souvlakis - pork and lamb - were average. Although both souvlakis were moist, they were on the slightly dry side of my personal preference scale. However, for any Greek dish - the star of the entree for myself are in the roasted potatoes - and Loui's Kouzina did not disappoint. Savory and doused in sauce - the potatoes hit the spot. Also my other favourite side, Greek salad, was delicious (as it is very rare that its done horribly wrong), but it could use more feta cheese and dressing.

Loui's Kouzina, although not a terribly small restaurant, is the theoretical "hole-in-the-wall" gem of Greek cuisine in Markham. However, I personally have not seen the restaurant teaming with customers or ever having a wait to be seated - the food is consistently delicious and tastes very authentic "home-kitchen" Greek. Although the simplicity of the food is enhanced by great execution and flavouring - the slow service may be the reason it has not reached its potential. If you are not dining in a rush and enjoy simple, but authentic, Greek food - Loui's Kouzina is right up your alley - and for a decent price.

Loui's Kouzina 
9255 Woodbine Ave 
Markham, ON L6C 1Y9‎
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