Friday 25 September 2015

Tanta :: New Weekly Traditions with C/O 2019

Pisco Punch ($12)
porton pisco, lemon juice, watermelon water, paprika syrup

Empanadas ($9/2 per order) :: tamal - pollo - carne de res
Lomo Saltado ($32) :: traditional beef tenderloin stir-fry, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic & soy sauce, served with rustic potatoes and rice

Anticuchera ($12)
octopus, avocado, quail egg, piquillo pepper, olive cream

Mixto Cebiche ($18)
chef’s selection fish, squid, shrimp, rocoto 

118 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60654

Sunday 20 September 2015

Kai Sushi :: Post Studying Dinner with Brian

Daily Special - Avocado Shrimp Soba Salad

Sushi Deluxe Platter ($24.95)
seventeen pieces. includes one piece of tuna, salmon, yellow tail, escolar, fluke, sea bass, albacore, shrimp and octopus with a spicy tuna roll. served with miso soup.

Ocean Roll ($12.95)
shrimp tempura and avocado topped with tuna, tempura crunch, masago and sweet soy sauce

Kai Sushi
1255 S State St
Chicago, IL 60605

Sunday 6 September 2015

Homestead on the Roof :: Labour Day Patio Dinner with Matt, Tristina, and Jess

Summer Panzenella ($10)
housemade sourdough, marinated tomatoes, smoked tropea onions, burrata, preserved kale, burnt leek vinaigrette

Suckling Pig Falafel ($12) 
compressed melon, dill yogurt, pickled jalapeno

Sweet Corn Agnolotti ($14)
chantrelles, roasted tomato jam, grilled squash, pecorino

Egyptian Spiced Mussels ($14)
sumac-infused apples, calvados, spiced pita, house baguette

Tamellini Soave, 2013 ($40/bottle)
Pappardelle ($16)
beef short rib sugo, smoked green garlic, pickled ramp

Complimentary Desserts
peanut brittle, jelly, salted caramel, and chocolate cake

Photo of their garden!

Sign is outside, to go in you walk in to Roots Pizza and go into the back and up the stairs!
(Sort of speakeasy style but not really)

The rooftop was an amazing environment to enjoy a cute dinner with friends with a great glass of wine and amazing food. Highly recommend to check out this place when the weather is warm!

The only thing that took away from the entire experience was the service. Food service was great, but the hostess/reservations was where we had the problem. We got there at 7pm, expecting to wait. Hostess refused to let us go up to the bar while we waited for the table because they were "way too packed" and that waiting list for the meal was 2 hours - we would be seated by 9pm. She told us to walk around the block for the 2 hours and come back at around 8:50pm to be seated. Was a little skeptical and went on OpenTable while walking out and found a reservation for 7:30pm. Went back to the hostess to tell her we now had a reservation. She simply stated "oh you must have gotten lucky, someone must have just cancelled" and ushered us to walk upstairs. There was literally 4 people in the bar and 4 empty tables upstairs. My friends and I were appalled in how  "packed" it was. The restaurant did get busy at around 8/9pm but it was no excuse to refuse our entry to the upstairs bar at 7pm when the restaurant wasn't that busy. We ended up finishing our dinner at around 9pm. Long story short: make reservations.

Homestead on the Roof
1924 W Chicago Ave
Chicago 60622