Thursday 13 November 2014

Donburi :: Quick Dinner

Quick Complaint Anecdote: Usually service at Donburi is polite and prompt but today it wasn't. I've visited Donburi frequently and at least visit a couple times a month since February of this year. Hence, I've seen and met majority of the younger waitresses and the owner's sister, Irene. Today it was an older woman, perhaps the owner's mother? I've seen her before once last month and she's not as friendly as the rest and slightly rude last time too. I ordered a tuna tataki don last time and it didn't come with the sauce. When I asked for the sauce she did this tired sigh of annoyance and stomped off to get it. Today service was slow and once again rude. I don't have anything against this waitress, but given the contrast between the other waitresses whom all are friendly, prompt, and professional at Donburi, I'm not impressed with the level of service I have with this particular waitress. The service I receive from this waitress is something I would expect at a cheap fast food Chinese snack stall/trolley on the side of Ladies' Street in Hong Kong. Will come back in future since I've gone so many times before without issues but my parents and I were definitely very unimpressed today. Surprisingly both my parents said the waitress was rude and they normally aren't fickle about such things. Firstly, waitress kept bugging us to order when we haven't decided and my mother (which the table we were seated at was clearly had 3 table settings) hadn't even arrived. Two, waitress also kept trying to make me order their special of the day opposed to the little skewers I had. I wasn't very hungry - otherwise I would have ordered it (spicy salmon don, my regular is the tuna tataki don). Three, the credit card machine wasn't working and the waitress rudely said - machine is broken and walked away. Four, was given wrong bill. Waitress stood and waited and watched until we finished paying the bill. Bill was $37. Didn't seem right so we inspected it. It was wrong. Waitress's face looked super impatient that she wasn't getting paid and watched us as we still looked over the bill. Finally we told her the bill was wrong and pointed at the dishes on the table. Clearly the same items were not ordered. Waitress obliged and gave us correct bill by rudely half -throwing, half-placing bill on table. Five, when given the correct bill she stood there again waiting to be paid and watching us fumble for cash since the machine wasn't working. Bill was $30. $32 was put down. We were looking for more loose change for to bump up our total to $34 and the waitress just stood there with a face that said 'that's it?'. I find it very uncomfortable when a waitress stands and waits/watches for payment. Most places I know usually look away or come back. Also, even if the tip is low, majority of the time the waitresses don't materialize their opinions on their face. Six, vicinity machine broken too. Waitress just said machine is broken, with no apology or attempt to say that I can redeem my points later if I kept the receipt or something. Verdict: Wow. Appalled and unimpressed with service today.