Monday 28 April 2014

Aka Teppan :: GNO with Joey & Fon

Supreme Beef ($8.99)

Pepper lunches are extremely common in Hong Kong and for good reason! It's delicious and amazingly tasty. The Pepper Lunch at Aka Teppan is no different. It was delicious!!! After stirring the beef and rice to allow it to cook (ensure everything is cooked though!). The meat melts in my mouth and the fried rice is buttery goodness (partly due to the butter). The most amazing part is that the food remains hot due to the stone plate! I read other reviews talking about terrible service and long lines, but there was no wait when I went and the service wasn't terrible. This may be attributable to the fact it was a Monday night at 9pm. The waitress was friendly and helpful, but a little slow and absent minded. Based on my experience during this visit I am anticipating my next trip to Aka Teppan and possibly trying their pasta Pepper Lunches!

Aka Teppan
3235 Highway 7 E 
Markham, ON L3R 3P9
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Saturday 26 April 2014

Uptown Swirl - Frozen Yogurt & Crèpes :: Times Square Crèpe

#20 Times Square Crèpe ($12USD)
NY cheesecake, strawberry, nutella, & whipped cream

This is one of the most impressive and unique crepe I have eaten and one of the most delicious! The crepe itself was perfect, not doughy or too sweet. Surprisingly, despite having both a full slice of cheesecake and nutella in it the crepe wasn't super heavy! Also, the service was amazing. The individual who made my crepe was super friendly. He even helped me split my crepe in thirds on 3 separate plates and before leaving asked me if I enjoyed his crepe. The store itself is a typical frozen yogurt store set up with the self-serve yogurt, condiment table, and cashier at the front with seating upstairs and on the main floor. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting NYC!

Here's also a photo of #22 Mousse Crepe that the girls before me ordered and I managed to snap a photo. #22 Mousee Crepe is the same as the #20 Times Square Crepe except it has chocolate mousse instead of cheesecake.

Uptown Swirl - Frozen Yogurt & Crèpes
732 7th Ave (between 48th and 49th)
New York, NY 10019
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Times Square Pizza :: Post-Seafood Dinner Snack

$1.75 per slice

Blue Fin :: NYC Dinner

Ladurée :: Paris in NYC

Dunkin Donuts :: Homer Simpson Doughnut


Cake Boss :: First Visit!