Saturday 20 April 2013

HUSH Restaurant, Bar & Patio :: S'Mores Night with Memie

Mung Thai Nachos 
crispy fried wontons with Thai chicken and a sweet-hot peanut sauce. topped with cilantro sour cream, green onions, diced tomato, peppers, spicy peanuts and melted jalapeƱo havarti cheese $14

HUSH Thai Crunch Salad 
roasted chicken breast with nappa, bok choy, field greens, romaine, spicy peanuts, sun-dried cherries, mandarin oranges and carrot. garnished with crispy wonton strips, peppers, glass noodles and fresh cilantro, Spun with a Bangkok sesame glaze

Prime Rib Poutine 
wild mushrooms, mozzarella cheese curds, prime rib and gravy on hand cut Yukon Gold fries


HUSH Restaurant, Bar, & Patio 
303 King St W
Toronto, ON M5V 1J5