Thursday 30 October 2014

Sunday 26 October 2014

Mi-Ne Sushi :: Dinner Date with Celine

SM-5 Orangeville Roll ($15)
spicy scallop roll, wrapped with fresh salmon, tobiko, & avocado

SD-4 Chirashi ($20)
sliced fresh raw fish & seafood on a bed of sushi rice

Saibashira (Scallop) Sushi A La Carte ($6)

Friday 24 October 2014

Tsuki Izakaya :: Late Dinner with Joey

Nori Age ($4)
battered seaweed deep fried with wasabi ranch sauce
Tako Wasabi ($4)
octopus with chopped wasabi stem on bed of sliced onion
Maguro Tataki ($14)
lightly seared tuna sashimi with ponzu

Dolsot Bibimbap with Tofu ($8.99)

Butter Avenue :: Desserts with Joey

Colette Grand Café :: Super Late Lunch with Tiffany

Colette Grand Cafe was a perfect restaurant to visit after returning from Paris. The black and white marble floor tiles reminded me of Versailles and the décor transported me back across the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant is split between the regular dinning area and a small patisserie. I quickly visited the patisserie - a slew of pastries and desserts were displayed in the glass case including macarons, croissants, and cakes. I am anxious to return to try them in the near future. The staff were knowledgeable about the menu, friendly, and helpful. The lunch menu had a great variety and it was difficult to narrow down our choices for our meal.

Daily Special - Seared Yellowfish Tuna

The Friday daily special was a seared Yellowfish Tuna dish. The dish was beautifully presented and equally as delicious. The Yellowfish Tuna was fresh and perfectly seasoned with salt. The vegetables were cooked wonderfully. I would definitely order this dish again.

Tartare de Beau ($16)
veal tartare, fresh herb pistou, horseradish, hard boiled egg & grilled seeded sourdough

I highly recommend this dish. I am a fan of tartare and this veal tartare was no different. The veal tartare was fresh, the seasoning was impeccable, and the horseradish was a great accompaniment.

Vanilla Ice Cream Profiteroles ($12)
caramel cream & warm chocolate sauce

Tiffany and I initially ordered this dish because we saw another table order it and was excited by the way the waiters presented it. They bring the profiteroles out with the ice cream and pour the warm chocolate sauce at the table. They then sprinkle the cocoa chips afterwards. The dessert itself tasted amazing and the vanilla ice cream greatly contrasted and balanced out the heaviness of the chocolate sauce. The cocoa chips provided a crunchy texture contrast against the soft, moist profiteroles and the cold, melting ice cream.

  Colette Grand Cafe
550 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON
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