Hello everyone!

My name is Sam, but across social media such as Instagram, I'm known as samshimi.

I'm a 23 year-old native Torontonian with a never ending appetite for food! The name "samshimi" came with merging my name with my favourite food - sashimi.

I'm currently an Optometry student and moonlights as a freelance webmaster and movie extra (try and find a girl with a pink scarf walking around in the background of Robocop, an Asian highschool student in Carrie, or a panicked pedestrian in the Dead End)!

I love TV shows (especially those with an espionage background - the more cool gadgets and awesome plot twists the better!), fashion (self-diagnosed shopaholic), and food (especially consumption and photographing food).

My hope with this blog is to document my food adventures, to share my love for food, and provide tips and advice on where to eat!

samshimi xx


FTC :: Any small revenue that may be generated on this blog are via AdSense clicks anywhere on samshimi.com and/or samshimi.blogspot.ca. All endorsements, collaborations, and business inquiries are as stated. All meals are purchased myself or by friends and family.

All photography, videography, and content on this blog are copyright to samshimi unless otherwise stated.

Cameras that are used on this blog are the following:
iPhone 5
iPhone 6 (as of November 18th, 2014)
Nikon D50
Sony DSC-TX5
Nikon J1
Canon G7X

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