Wednesday 31 July 2013

Steak Frites :: Comfort Food After Long Day in the Office

Caesar Salad

Ribeye & Frites - Rare

Classic "Steak & Frites" - Medium Rare

Confit of Duck
a tender duck leg baked in its own juice and served with sauteed garlic potatoes

Seafood Pasta Special
fettuccine with lobster and shrimps in a seafood broth

Steak Frites Bistro
3185 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario

Saturday 27 July 2013

Panera Bread :: Lunch Combo with Family

Salad & Soup Combo
Caesar salad and sweet corn chowder with kettle cooked potato chips

Panera Bread
Multiple Locations

Saturday 20 July 2013

Il Fornello :: Catherine's Birthday Lunch

Summer Gazpacho Soup 
a cool summer soup of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onions and sweet red peppers finished with olive oil and fresh herbs

Insalata Caprese
vine ripened tomatoes, fresh fior di latte mozzarella and basil drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic reduction

Pizza Salsiccia
baked in our wood burning oven with tomato sauce, fresh fior di latte mozzarella, crumbled Italian sausage and mushrooms

tossed in a garlic olive oil sauce with roasted cauliflower, spinach, prosciutto and parmesan cheese

Strawberry Shortcake 
Layered with fresh strawberries and creamy mascarpone cheese

Rasberry Sorbet
Dairy free, from Gelato Fresco

Il Fornello
214 King St W
Toronto, ON M5H 3S6

Friday 19 July 2013

Bymark :: Summerlicious with Colten & Family

Whole Grain, Italian Baguette & Sangria

Albacore Tuna Sashimi 
pineapple, jalapeƱo, yuzu mayo, black garlic

Spice Rubbed Beef Filet 
crisp onions, radish, variegated mushrooms, yellow carrot puree

Pan Seared Scallops Tamarind Glazed 
asparagus pakora, baby carrots & coconut beurre blanc

Frozen Peach Parfait 
oatmeal crumble, blueberry compote, vanilla tuille

Strawberry Rocky Road 
lemon curd, toasted marshmallow, strawberry mousse

66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Thursday 18 July 2013

Go For Tea :: After Work Dinner with Mom

Mixed Fruit Hot Green Tea
Mushroom Japanese Udon
Seafood Japanese Udon

Go For Tea
230 Commerce Valley Dr E
Thornhill, ON L3T 7Y3

Saturday 13 July 2013

Canoe :: Surprise Summerlicious Date

Ginger Beer & Watermelon and Strawberry Sparkling Lemonade ($6/each)

{ Calvin ordered the ginger beer and offered me a taste. It was my first time trying ginger beer and I must say I quite enjoy it! It also reminds me of the homemade ginger ale made by Kingyo. I ordered the watermelon & strawberry sparkling lemonade, however when I got the drink the watermelon juice tasted quite diluted and the drink was flat - most likely the carbonation from the sparking water used to mix with the watermelon juice and strawberries was lost by the time I drank it. I would not recommend drinking it in the future, but I would most definitely recommend the ginger beer! }

Slow Cooked Heritage Salmon
watercress, puffed wild rice & Kabosu mayonnaise

{ I ordered this appetizer - and it is my favourite summerlicious appetizer thus far! The salmon was incredibly fluffy and falls apart deliciously. I am not a fan of rice, however I did welcome the rice and beans that were used to compliment the salmon. }

Whipped Sheep's Milk Cheese
tender shoots, cardamon crisp & radish vinaigrette

{ Calvin ordered this dish per our waiter's recommendation (it was his favourite out of the three choices) and quite enjoyed it. We shared our appetizers and I must say I still favour the salmon more than the sheep's milk as I tried it due to the fact that Summerlicious is a time for food exploration. Calvin preferred the sheep's milk. I believe the preference is extremely dependent on the style of food one prefers. The sheep's milk was tart and tangy but went well with the shoots and the crisps. If it weren't for the crisp and the bread basket provided I don't think this appetizer would have been complete as the sheep's milk cheese is quite sour alone. It should be noted that I also enjoy my assortment of sour foods and can eat a raw lemon on its own and I still preferred the salmon. }

Wellington County Beef
roasted carrots, steel cut oats & portobello bacon jus

{ The beef proportion that was provided was extremely generous as two hefty pieces of beef were provided in Canoe's portion. Our meat was grilled medium rare (per chef's recommendation and my default preference). Although the meat was delicious and savoury, I did not enjoy the main beef cuts as much as the "stew" like diced beef provided with the grains as they were more saucy. The stew itself, I believe can be its own side dish! I also really enjoyed the vegetables that were provided, especially the curly garlic stem, which were prepared with perfection. I had difficulty cutting my beef as it was tough to cut - but it was nonetheless soft and tender when I ate it. I'm not sure if this was a result of the cooking or my own strength as Calvin did not have an issue with cutting this beef. However, I do not normally have trouble cutting my red meats and my specific cut was quite riddled with tendons. Overall, I would recommend ordering this dish if you visit Canoe for summerlicious as it was extremely savoury and can appeal to all palettes. }

Frozen Yoghurt
raspberry soda, milk crumble & vanilla oil

{ I was a little disappointed by the dessert selection at Canoe as I've always viewed Canoe to be one of the - if not the - top tier restaurant in Toronto and expected a matching dessert selection. I find Summerlicious restaurants always excel in their appetizers and neglect their desserts - Canoe was no exception (the only Summerlious restaurant I recall falling in love with the dessert was from Pangaea). The frozen yoghurt was average and did not stand out. The raspberry soda creme on top of the yoghurt sounds quite delightful but fails in its taste delivery  If I could I would prefer to order two appetizers and no dessert for Summer/Winterlicious, and Canoe is no exception. }

66 Wellington Street West; 54th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canoe Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Magnum Ice Cream Bar; Pop Up Store :: Afternoon Date Dessert

Bottom Magnum Ice Cream Bar ($6 Flat; Unlimited Toppings)
base :: vanilla ice cream
coating :: dark chocolate
toppings :: chopped hazelnuts, macadenia nuts, popping candy, maple fudge, dried strawberries
drizzle :: white chocolate

PS: Tell the cashier "Golden Touch" for a free gold nail polish! I didn't know about it when I went so I missed out! :(

Magnum Ice Cream Bar
11 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A3

Jakes on Main Pub & Grille :: Pre-Surprise Date Day Lunch

Caesar Salad ($9.99 - Entree Size)
bacon bits, croutons, parmesan cheese and romaine tossed in a creamy garlic dressing

Fish Taco ($9.99)
two soft tacos filled with golden fried fish, lettuce, onions, cheese & tomatoes with a chipotle mayo sauce

{ Delicious - and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves fish tacos! It's almost like fish and chips inside a taco! The chipotle mayo compliments the taco wonderfully. Definitely would recommend! However, next time I would order a side of salad opposed to fries as the tacos are quite large and filling - a salad would help lighten the meal. }

Jakes on Main : Pub & Grille
 202 Main Street
Unionville, Ontario
Jakes on Main Pub & Grille on Urbanspoon

Friday 12 July 2013

Blue Donkey Food Truck :: Mariana's Trench Concert Snack

Chicago Style Beef Gyro (Left; Wrapped) & Greek Poutine
chicago style beef gyro :: chicago style beef wrapped in a pita with tomato, onion, tzatziki, & french fries
greek poutine :: traditional poutine with added feta cheese in harmony with traditional cheese curds

Blue Donkey Menu

{ This was my first time trying a "Greek" poutine and I would definitely have it again! I absolutely love poutines and the added feta gave an extra cheesy element! Surprisingly, the feta went quite well with all the gravy and complimented the fries' sweet fried potato taste with the sourness of the feta. This Greek Poutine is quite filling so I didn't get a chance properly try (& photograph) the Chicago Style Beef Gyro, though I have tried it approximately a year ago when I was still a student at the University of Toronto. From what I had this time and what I recall (though I don't believe it was Chicago style last time) it was a delicious gyro with the surprising element of french fries inside! For readers who aren't familiar, the difference between a regular beef gyro and Chicago style is that opposed to the vertical turning roast that gyros are normally prepared on, Chicago style is prepared on a traditional horizontal grill. If you are looking for a bite to eat and this food truck is in your area, I would definitely give it a try! }

Blue Donkey Truck
website :: menu
Blue Donkey Streatery on Urbanspoon

Sunday 7 July 2013

Smith :: "Summerlicious" with Memie & Tiffany

Side Dishes
Coleslaw, Potato Salad with Veggies, Green with Sherry Vinaigrette (L-R CW)

BBQ Pork Back Ribs
Half Rack ($14 each - 3 pictured)

{ The reason why Summerlicious is in quotes in the title is because my friends and I booked reservations to have Summerlicious at Smith. We even asked if the Summerlicious menu was going to be served on the day we booked reservations. Needless to say, when we arrived at the restaurant our reservation was not recorded in the book nor was the Summerlicious menu being served during the Summerlicious period. Instead they had a "special" Sunday grill menu. The service at Smith is extremely aloof and I was not impressed. Waiter did not genuinely care about service and when asked for recommendations he just said "Uhh... I don't know. Something on the menu! Just pick something." Food took approximately 1 hour to arrive despite us being one of 3 tables and the portions were not enough for dinner. The food was not outstanding - in fact it was quite average (though I did enjoy the potato salad - but it too was average). Now that I have been Smith once, I don't think I would ever return here or recommend this restaurant to friends. The one upside was the decor was beautiful and the prices weren't outrageous for me to be upset about food or service. }

553 Church Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 2E2
Smith on Urbanspoon