Sunday 7 July 2013

Smith :: "Summerlicious" with Memie & Tiffany

Side Dishes
Coleslaw, Potato Salad with Veggies, Green with Sherry Vinaigrette (L-R CW)

BBQ Pork Back Ribs
Half Rack ($14 each - 3 pictured)

{ The reason why Summerlicious is in quotes in the title is because my friends and I booked reservations to have Summerlicious at Smith. We even asked if the Summerlicious menu was going to be served on the day we booked reservations. Needless to say, when we arrived at the restaurant our reservation was not recorded in the book nor was the Summerlicious menu being served during the Summerlicious period. Instead they had a "special" Sunday grill menu. The service at Smith is extremely aloof and I was not impressed. Waiter did not genuinely care about service and when asked for recommendations he just said "Uhh... I don't know. Something on the menu! Just pick something." Food took approximately 1 hour to arrive despite us being one of 3 tables and the portions were not enough for dinner. The food was not outstanding - in fact it was quite average (though I did enjoy the potato salad - but it too was average). Now that I have been Smith once, I don't think I would ever return here or recommend this restaurant to friends. The one upside was the decor was beautiful and the prices weren't outrageous for me to be upset about food or service. }

553 Church Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 2E2
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