Friday 7 November 2014

Gong Cha :: First Time with Joey

Gong Cha Foam Milk Green Tea
Milk Tea with Pearl

Despite hearing all disappointing reviews on Yelp, I've been wanting to try Gong Cha for quite some time now. I finally got a chance to go today with Joey - and I'm really glad I did! 

I'm a fan of Green Grotto's Iced Japanese Green Tea Latte, but this is way better. The flavours are more unique and tasty (you can actually taste the notes of green tea), plus the experience of drinking through the foam is pretty fun! I found in comparison to Green Grotto, the Gong Cha Foam Milk Green Tea was a better quality. It tastes as though more attention was paid to the tea brewing process and the overall product came out better.

My friends and I always revered Chatime as having the best Milk Tea and the best tapioca in the city. Similar to Chatime, Gong Cha also allows for customization for sugar/sweetness level and ice. I got the Foam Milk Green Tea with 30% sugar and less ice. It was perfect for me, but it can still a little sweet for some as the sweetness was embedded in the milk foam. One of the staff members was kind enough to stop me from stabbing the bubble tea straw through the drink lid and tell me that I should drink the tea through the foam first and when the drink level gets low enough then use the straw. I'm glad they told me to do so because the taste is very different. Surprisingly, between Chatime and Gong Cha, I prefer Gong Cha's milk tea! Joey still prefers Chatime's but I felt the milk tea taste at Gong Cha was more 'pure' and slightly better quality. However, the tapioca at Chatime is by far superior. Next time I visit Gong Cha, I would probably get the same Foam Milk Green Tea but without the tapioca.

PS: Gong Cha also takes the Vicinity Card so if you frequent Chatime, you don't have to carry around another stamp/loyalty card!

Gong Cha
3636 Steeles Ave E
Markham, ON L3R 1K9
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