Friday 11 October 2013

Poached Eggs & Hollandaise Sauce

Recently, I've been on an egg binge - trying to try making each type of egg at least once. Personally, I am terrible at poaching eggs, but I figured I could give it another shot.

First boil water with vinegar in it - the vinegar keeps the egg components together

It's easier to pour your egg into the water when you have it cracked into a bowl opposed to cracking the egg into the water

Stir the water to make a whirlpool - this keeps the egg components centralized in one spot

Lower the heat (unlike my photo) and poor the egg into the 'whirlpool'. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the poach egg as round as I liked so I cheated and placed the bowl with the egg in it to cook it in a round shape (bottom right) :p

I was really craving eggs benedict this morning. What's an eggs benedict without the Hollandaise sauce? I improvised for today's Hollandaise as I didn't have any lemon juice but here's what I did.

First take the egg yoke and whisk it thoroughly

Key is to melt the butter indirectly - using a pan boil some water. When steam appears place the butter in a bowl on top. Cutting the butter and increasing its surface area will cause it to melt faster. The indirect heat is required or else the butter + egg yoke mixture will become a scrambled egg if too much heat is applied.

When the butter is melted, also pour in the whisked egg yoke. Continue to whisk the butter and yoke mixture until consistent. Do not let it sit while you make your eggs or else you will have a very buttery scrambled egg. 

My improvised eggs benedict! I still need to work on my poaching abilities. Those who are wondering, I made more 'poached' eggs to eat with the extra Hollandaise sauce.

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