Monday 28 October 2013

Sabai Sabai :: Early Dinner with Mike

Housemade Panang Curry with Chicken & Sticky Rice

Beef Khao Soi 
egg noodles in coconut curry gravy

This was my first visit to Sabai Sabai. Mike raved about this restaurant back in August/September and we've been waiting for our schedules to agree such that we can check it out together. I was pretty excited to try out Sabai Sabai as the couple who made Khao San Road also created Sabai Sabai. We came here for dinner - so the portions were 'tapa' sized. The waiter told us that during lunch, the portions are entree sized (so much larger)! For future reference, we got there at 5pm, but dinner service doesn't start until 5:30pm. 

I had the Beef Kaho Soi. It was delicious! The curry was not overly spicy and enjoyable to eat - as I do not have a large tolerance for spicy-ness. The curry itself was creamy, rich, flavourful, and delicious. It's slightly on the sweeter side - which I personally enjoy - but I can understand that some others out there may not like their curry that sweet. There wasn't much egg noodles as I would have liked, but I could have ordered a side of sticky rice such that I could have eaten the rest of the curry. There was a decent amount of beef - but it would have been nice to have a few more pieces - but for the price of the dish, I couldn't complain. It definitely rivals the Khao Soi from Khao San Road but at a way lower price. As first impressions go - I will be returning to Sabai Sabai very soon. 

Sabai Sabai
225 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5B1Y7
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