Wednesday 30 October 2013

Rare :: Mr Melty Fancy Pants

Mr. Melty Fancy Pants
grilled cheese made with tomatoes, pesto, and cheddar

I was interested in trying the Mr. Melty line of grilled cheese after seeing an ad on the upper levels of the mall. I ordered the Mr. Melty Fancy Pants which consisted of tomatoes, pesto, and cheddar. The taste of the sandwich was delicious, however, the not enough cheese was added so that the components were not melted together in a solid sandwich  As such when eating the grilled cheese, all the tomatoes and pesto fell out! It was delicious however, in my opinion grilled cheeses are difficult to get wrong and Mr. Melty Fancy Pants is just an expensive grilled cheese that was difficult/uncomfortable and messy to eat. For the price point - for an extra dollar or so - I would prefer to eat the grilled cheese from Say Cheese, where the grilled cheese sandwiches are more generous in terms of ingredients and are more carefully constructed. However, if you are in the Eaton Centre area and want a decent snack for $5 that is relatively filling and not overly fast-food-like, give the Mr. Melty line of grilled cheeses at the Urban Eatery a try.

Urban Eatery Toronto Eatons Centre
220 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
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