Thursday 10 October 2013

Soft Boiled Eggs

This morning, I was excited to wake up and make soft boiled eggs! I normally poach or scramble eggs, so I decided to take this morning to figure out the timing of soft boiled eggs. I prefer my soft boiled eggs with a slightly hard whites, but I enjoy having my whites mix with the yolk. The best part of this breakfast is that it's kind of 'snack-like' where the soft boil eggs serve as a dip with the toast being the dipee.

It's super simple, but this is how I make my soft boiled eggs to my liking:
1. Boil salted water. Ensure that there is enough water to cover the eggs by 1cm.
2. Once at a boil, place eggs gently (preferably with a spoon so you don't crack the shell) in the boiling water. Close the pot with a lid and bring to water to the lowest heat setting.
3. Time the eggs to sit in the hot water for exactly 5 minutes. (Consensus on the Internet was from 4-6 minutes. This page is a great visual and includes information on timing.)
4. Take eggs out - crack open the top and enjoy!

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