Sunday 29 September 2013

Dessert Kitchen :: Post Hip Hop Workout Snack with Carson

Mini Watermelon Bowl Special ($11.99)
whole watermelon hollowed out with lychee jelly, grass jelly, sago, and assorted fruits

This was my first visit to Dessert Kitchen, despite passing by it on almost a daily basis. I will most definitely be returning to Dessert Kitchen to try the other delectable desserts. Additionally, the staff was attentive - though I do not know if this is attributed to the fact that we went in the middle of the day and no other customers were present. The Mini Watermelon Bowl, although on the slightly pricy side, is a generous portion and is great for sharing between two people. It's without a doubt extremely refreshing and a light dessert. However, be cautioned: although it is light - the portion itself is filling! 

Dessert Kitchen
Liberty Square, Unit 106
3623 Highway 7 East
Markham, Ontario L3R 8X6
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