Friday 27 September 2013

Milestone :: Upcoming Menu Preview

Milestone will be soon adding a few items to their menu. One of the items that will be added to the menu will be a pan seared halibut on quinoa served with Asian veggies! Most Milestones serve this dish in limited quantities at the moment (usually disguised as an off the menu special of the day).

Pan Seared Halibut on Quinoa & Side of Asian Vegetables

This dish was pretty decent. My favourite of the 3 parts of the dish was actually the quinoa. It was light, fluffy, and quite flavourful. My second favourite component of the dish was the halibut. It was seared well and was light and crispy. Moisture of the fish was also sealed in. However, I did not enjoy the vegetables as they were bitter (although others who enjoy bitter flavours may enjoy it).

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