Wednesday 25 September 2013

Templeton's :: Third & Final Stop

Carson and I stumbled into Templeton's out of the moon. We were actually headed to Bar Isabel which was yet to be open for the day and our second choice, Torito Tapas Bar, was not yet open for dinner. Templeton's was quite empty and we were hesitant to try, but having a 77% rating on Urbanspoon pushed us to walk in. Templeton's has a "hobo-hipster" vibe - I don't know how else to describe it - only one waiter was present managing the whole restaurant, the lighting is dim, and  furniture was mismatched. All in all, if you are looking for a decent food at a decent price (ie: students), Templeton's your place.

Japanese Salad (small $4)
dried onions, seaweed, lotus root, avocado served with homemade Japanese dressing

{ The larger version of this salad rings in at $7 - but when I asked the waiter what the size difference was I was mislead to believe that the small was actually larger than it is. However, given the fact that I already had other snacks on the way here, the small salad was the perfect size. As such, this is a great appetizer size, but if you are looking for a light dinner, I'd recommend going for a large (but at $4 for a small you can try the Pear & Feta Salad and the Japanese Salad for a $1 more! - I would like to try the Pear & Feta Salad next time). The fried lotus root tasted great with gingery Japanese dressing and the avocado slices presented a refreshing aspect of the salad. The seaweed was a welcomed texture change providing some cruchiness amongst the soft leafy greens. All in all, the salad was good. }

Moroccan Style Paella ($9)

{ I didn't eat the Moroccan Style Paella, though looking at it I definitely wanted to try it. However, Carson told me it was quite spicy and I decided against it (since I don't care for spicy foods). Carson's brief comments on the paella was that it wasn't worth the $9. He claimed that the clams were sandy, it had too much spice, the rice was undercooked, and the shrimps were not properly de-shelled. Check out Carson's Instagram here. }

19 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON
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