Monday 9 September 2013

Kekou Gelato House :: First Impressions of Asian Flavoured Gelato with Mike!

Kekou Gelato House is a fresh face on Baldwin Street which puts an Asian twist on Italian Gelato. Kekou provides a fun and bright ambience and staff is always happy to answer questions and provide samples. The selection of Asian inspired flavours of gelato range from durian to traditional gelato flavours like chocolate. Kekou also offers non-dairy flavours for lactose intolerant guests. All gelatos are made in house and are aged for approximately 12 hours.

Strawberry-Lychee & Black Sesame

{ My favourite of the two flavours I chose was the black sesame, which was a unique in itself as it did not provide the usual fruity flavours that are expected from traditional gelato flavours. In the black sesame gelato there were bits of sesame which provided a unique twist in taste and texture. I also thoroughly enjoyed the strawberry-lychee gelato as it was not overly sweet and the strawberry or lychee did not over power the other. I would highly recommend anyone to Kekou as it provides a unique twist on traditional Italian gelato and is extremely well made. }

Kekou Gelato House
13 Baldwin Street
Toronto, Ontario

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