Saturday 9 November 2013

T-Buds :: Afternoon Tea with Mom

Classic Afternoon Tea & Cream Tea Sets (Combined on Platter)

Classic Afternoon Tea
served on a 3-tier platter
tuesday - friday $24 | saturday & sunday $27
- warm vegetarian quiche
- 2 freshly baked scones
- creme mascarpone & jam
- two petit fours and a cup of fresh fruit
- selection of 6 tea sandwiches from:
cucumber cream cheese and chives, roast beef and horseradish-dijon, smoked salmon and dill cream cheese, seasoned tuna with lemon zest, smoked turkey and asparagus, curried chicken with green apple & mango chutney, roasted red pepper and cheddar cheese
- served with a flute of sparkling jasmine tea
- a pot of tea of your choice

Cream Tea
two freshly baked scones
creme mascarpone & jam
cup of fresh fruit
a pot of tea of your choice

For those who are seeking afternoon tea in the GTA, T-Buds is a great place to check out. The staff was friendly and the ambience was quite calming. For afternoon tea, you are allowed to order a combination of the classic afternoon tea ($24/27), savoury cream tea ($16), or cream tea ($9) which makes it a cheaper alternative to other locations where afternoon tea is at a set price for each individual. For my mother and I we ordered one set of the classic afternoon tea and one set of the cream tea and shared the goods between the two of us. Considering we haven't eaten in the morning, the portions of the two platters was just enough (though we added a savoury crepe to hit the ball home). The sandwiches were tasty - though it was disappointing that they did not have all the sandwiches we wanted to try (especially the smoked salmon). My mother and I tried the cucumber cream cheese and chives, roast beef and horseradish-dijon, and seasoned tuna with lemon zest. Of the three sandwiches  the seasoned tuna and the cumber cream cheese stood out for me. They were both refreshing and delicious. The roast beef was also very good. The scones were also delectable - they were rich, but not overly so. By the time we got around to the two petit fours, my mother and I were too stuffed to enjoy them!

Jasmine Champagne Tea & Apple Cranberry Tea

Considering that I am not a tea drinker, I went with the apple cranberry tea. It was quite fruity though there was a slight hint of tea in it. The smell was very similar of strawberry jello (my mother did not agree with this though) and tasted like a hot version of the Starbucks Passion Fruit Tea (though Apple & Cranberry). I took a sip of my mothers Jasmine Champagne Tea - it's a white tea so it was quite delicate, however there was notes that was very reminiscent of champagne!

The Arabian Bazaar Savoury Crepe ($10)
arabian spice marinated ontario lamb cubes, wilted baby spinach, red pepper hummus, and spicy date sauce served with minted yoghurt

I love lamb and I love mint and I love yoghurt so what could have gone wrong with this savoury crepe? This crepe was delicious! I loved the arabian spice (which was pretty much like yellow curry) and the lamb was tender (not rubbery as my mother and I had expected). The minted yohghurt was a great addition to the crepe. If you love lamb (as I know some individuals are not accustomed to its gamey nature) I would highly suggest trying this crepe!

I talked with the owner of T-Buds and learned that they will be opening a similar style restaurant at Markham & Steeles within the upcoming month! The restaurant will be called A La Crepe and T-Buds will be inside the restaurant for afternoon tea fanatics. I look forward in checking it out!

3343 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4N 2M6
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