Monday 18 November 2013

Mi- Ne Sushi :: Birthday Lunch with Dad

Japanese Green Salad & Miso Soup

Lunch Combo CL-5: Mushroom Soup with 3 Pieces of California Roll & 5 Pieces of Sushi ($13)

Sushi Portion of the Lunch Combo

Two Ebis were provided! :p

Mushroom Soup

Maki Set Lunch #I: 3 Pieces of California Roll and 8 Pieces of Lobster Roll ($16)

Close up of Lobster Roll Contents

After my cousin raved about the Lobster Roll, (they came to visit Toronto during the first week of opening for Mi-Ne and returned 3 times!) I decided to try it for myself. The roll was delicious and made with good quality, fresh ingredients. Out of preference, I prefer Mi-Ne's shrimp roll over the lobster roll, but both are delicious. The portions were overwhelming and I had pack up a portion of the roll to bring home.

Bill with Wrigley Mint Gum

Today, for my birthday my father took me out for lunch at my new favourite restaurant Mi-Ne Sushi. Despite writing a happy review about Mi-Ne back in October on Urbanspoon, I am shocked to find their rating of 71% (out of 14 votes). The service is great, the food quality is outstanding, and the portions are huge. Perhaps its due to the higher prices, Mi-Ne has not been met with great percent ratings on Urbanspoon. Keeping in mind that you have good quality food and a large portion, one menu item can most likely be shared between two individuals. Similarly to Inatei, the food quality is amazing, as such the prices are a little higher. Mi-Ne is just as good quality has Inatei, but a little cheaper and larger portions. I am confident with time the ratings for Mi-Ne will increase as the restaurant is still relatively new.

Mi-Ne Sushi
8865 Woodbine Ave D5
Markham, ON L3R 5G1

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