Sunday 17 November 2013

Simple Bistro :: Birthday Dinner with Family

Complimentary Bread & Butter

Salade de Lyonnaise - Lyonnaise Salad ($11)
classic French frisée salad with lardons, panko fried egg à la vinaigrette aux herbes de citron

My grandmother had the Salad de Lyonnaise, but I had a small bite. The vegetables were deliciously marinated in dressing and the crispy poached egg was a definite favourite!

Salad de Betteraves - Beets Salad ($11)
roasted beets, goat cheese, acidulated shallots à la vinaigrette de shallot

My father had the Salad de Betteraves. He said it was delicious and all the components harmonized well. I also had a taste and agree with his comments. The salad was also very refreshing.

Moules au Fenouil- Fennel Steamed Mussels ($11)
steamed mussels with shallots, red pepper au crème de fenouil à l’estragon (fennel tarragon cream sauce). 
*Also available as a main course!

My grandfather had the Moules au Fenouil. I also had a taste (tasting everything!). The portion was quite generous for $11! The sauce was a delicious cream sauce that wasn't heavy at all and went well with the mussels. 

Escargots Fricassée ($11)
sautéed escargots and mushroom, aux herbes de Provence and grilled crostini

My Uncle Jim and I both ordered the Escargots Fricassée. I really enjoyed my appetizer. The sauce was creamy, but not overly heavy. Additionally, I was expecting only a few escargots but the portion was quite generous. Additionally, eating the sautéed escargots and mushrooms with the grilled crostini was delicious! When I ran out of the crostini I used the bread. It was still just as delicious and the sauce blended well with the bread.

Pétoncles - Scallops ($25)
pan seared scallops, purée de pommes de terre, orange and fennel salad, bacon lardons

My grandfather and I had the Scallops. It was delicious! The orange and fennel was a refreshing change to the buttery scallops and buttery mash potatoes. The portion was quite filling. Overall the dish was quite balanced in terms of flavour components and I would most definitely order it again!

Steak and Frites ($25)
pan seared striploin au red wine jus, patate frites, and homemade garlic Aioli

My father had the Steak & Frites. I didn't have a taste, but he said it was good. He commented the steak was very tender. My aunt kept stealing the frites (to the point that the owner noticed and gave her a complimentary side of frites!)

Côte de Boeuf - Beef Short Rib ($25)
braised beef short ribs in secret sauce with crispy fried polenta and ratatouille

My Uncle Jim had the Côte de Boeuf. I didn't ask him about comments, but he finished dinner happy so I'm assuming it was delicious!

Jarret d’Agneau - Lamb Shank ($25)
lamb shank braisé au jus, potato gratin and roasted légumes de saison

My mother ordered the Lamb Shank. She said the meat was quite flavourful and the meat was tender. The scallop potatoes were deliciously buttery.

Simple Bistro is a quaint French restaurant located in the Yonge & Ellington area. The owner Yasmine Chung helped me with the reservations and answered all my questions via email. All appetizers are $11 and all entrees are $25. A fixe prix menu that includes your choice of appetizer, entree, and dessert is available for $40/person. We did not try any of the desserts as I brought a birthday cake. Simple Bistro was wonderful as it didn't charge an additional cutting fee or charge an extra service charge for parties larger than 6. 

The restaurant has two floors; the bottom floor has a Parisian style decor, whilst upstairs had a modern red and black decor with crystal accents. The top floor can be reserved for private parties at no extra charge as long as $1000 worth of food is ordered (on weekdays; email Yasmine for weekend quotes). The food was delicious, portions were extremely generous, the price was reasonable, service was great, and the atmosphere was appropriate. The one downside was since there was no drapes or carpets, the noise level was a little loud as there was nothing to absorb the sound on the bottom floor. I'm so glad I went to this restaurant for my birthday and will most definitely be returning in the future. I would highly recommend Simple Bistro to anyone looking for a great French restaurant for a classy friend gathering, celebrations, or a date.

Simple Bistro
619 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto, ON M4S 2M5
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