Wednesday 13 November 2013

Banh Mi Boys :: Lab Cravings

Pulled Pork Taco ($3.99)

Loved the Pulled Pork Taco! Granted it's a little messy to eat, it was finger-licking good! Ingredients mixed well. Pull pork was savoury and well marinated. Vegetables provided a refreshing contrast. If you are not into eating the traditional Viet Subs from Banh Mi Boys, I would most definitely go for the tacos for a smaller carb alternative.

Kimchi Fries ($5.99)

Wow. These fries definitely hit the heart-aching, artery clogging, junk food craving right on the nail. The fries were crispy and the sauces were deliciously savoury. The kimchi elevates the flavour and was not overly spicy. All ingredients had an equal presence - even the chopped onions! Highly recommended! Note: These fries are quite fragrant. As delicious as these are my Mom complained about the overwhelming smell when I brought the leftovers home. Personally, I didn't notice it but my Mom sure did.

Banh Mi Boys
399 Yonge Street 
Toronto, ON M5B 1S9
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