Wednesday 12 June 2013

Drake Café :: Date Night with Sangrias, Gnocchi, & Pork Belly

:: Drinks ::

white :: fresh seasonal fruit, white wine, Tromba tequila + grapefruit soda
red :: fresh seasonal fruit, red wine, orange brandy, Angostura bitters + soda water

{ Between the two sangrias, the red one was my favourite. It was sweeter, whilst the white was bitter. I was quite surprised that I favoured the red one more since typically I like white wine better, but it should also be noted that I don't care for the taste of tequila. }

:: Snack + Share ::

Mushroom Gnocchi
potato ricotta gnocchi, seasonal wild mushrooms, shaved pecorino + spinach

{ Delicious! Loved the gnocchi - it was very light and fluffy. It wasn't chewy despite the fact that the gnocchi was much larger than your average gnocchi. The sauce was tasty as well. }

:: Feast + Share ::

Crispy Pork Belly
scallion ginger sauce, spicy mayo, snow pea leaves + king oyster mushrooms

{ The crispy pork belly tasted very similar to Chinese barbecue pork - even the crunch skin. There were definitely Asian influences in this dish. The scallion ginger sauce also reminded me of Chinese ginger sauces that are provided with barbecue meat and the mushrooms were well coated in a teriyaki like sauce. The snow pea leaves were cooked impeccably - they were amazingly crunchy and tasty - not burnt and chewy }

Drake Cafe
1150 Queen Street West
Toronto, M6J 1J3
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