Monday 17 June 2013

Milestones :: Catherine's Post-Convocation Dinner

Milestones' Original Bellini
a frozen blend of premium white rum, peach liqueur, and sparkling white wine, topped with Boone's sangria

{ My favourite alcoholic drink! Super tasty - you don't really taste the alcohol when you mix the red liqueur on the top. It tastes like a yummy peach slushy! Plus it comes with a super cute animal! I actually have a jar of these animals at home :) }

Roasted Garlic Caesar Salad
Reggiano cheese, Asiago cheese, Ciabatta croutons and Milestones' signature Caesar dressing

{ Caesar salad was average - tastes like your typical restaurant Caesar salad. The bacon was yummy and added more flavour to the salad - I just wish they provided more bacon to balance the portion of lettuce. }

Milestone's Breakup Tub
an individual sized tub of cookie dough ice cream, house-made caramel and chunks of Milestones' very own house-baked double chocolate cookie

{ Delicious! Super yummy dessert to share with a friend, especially if you love cookie dough ice cream, caramel, & double chocolate cookies. My favourite parts were the cookie dough chunks & double chocolate cookie bits - and I'm not even a huge chocolate fan. This dessert definitely hits the spot. Even though it is said to be an individual sized tub - however, after eating dinner this tub is a little hard to finish! But of course there's always room & time for dessert! }

:: This portions are part of Milestones' Monday "Girls' Night Out" Special - $40 for 4 Bellinis & 4 Select Appetizers ::

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