Wednesday 26 June 2013

Cafe Nervosa :: Patio Sangrias with Celine

Sangria ($9.99)
white/red wine, spirits, fresh fruit juices 

Carpaccio Di Manzo ($12.99)
beef tenderloin, truffled cannellini beans, pecorino, arugula, Nervosa organic extra virgin olive oil

{ I absolutely adore carpaccio and this dish is no exception! The components of this dish blend well together and you can even wrap the different ingredients within the beef tenderloin into a "roll" and eat it. Absolutely heavenly. Normally not a huge cannellini bean fan but this dish definitely converts non-believers! }

Cesare Nervosa ($8.99)
romaine hearts, pancetta, fried capers, parmigiano, egg free dressing

{ Though it does not appear to look like much, this salad is delicious! Each romaine heart is coated perfectly in the dressing and the parmigiano cheese and pancetta adds a lovely dimension to the salad. Not your typical Cesare salad! }

Funghi e Formaggi ($16.49)
oyster and crimini mushrooms, San Daniele prosciutto, gorgonzola dolce goat cheese, cipolline onions

{ Wow. Delicious pizza. Will have again and again and again. Despite having mushrooms and meat the taste is not overwhelmingly heavy. This pizza embodies every aspect of the term "comfort food". }

{ By far one of my favourite summer restaurants Downtown Toronto. The food here is consistently made extremely well - always tasty and leaves one wanting for more. I love their mushroom dishes, especially their mushroom bruschetta (not eaten this meal) and the Funghi e Formaggi pizza is no exception. If you are visiting Toronto during the summer, I highly recommend eating out on the patio at Cafe Nervosa as the view is beautiful and great for enjoying warm weather. It also is a great place to enjoy the Yorkville High-End Downtown culture. If you haven't tried this restaurant  I would highly recommend it! }

Trattoria Nervoa
75 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON
Nervosa Trattoria on Urbanspoon

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