Wednesday 19 June 2013

Kinton :: Lunch with Memie

Kinton Pork Shoulder Rice & Japanese Green Tea
included as part of the $12 lunch special (with selected ramen)

{ The amount of meat provided with this side dish is quite small, though savoury. If you are hungry or plan to order a drink than the combo special is worth the extra $2 if you are planning to order ramen from the selected ramen menu. If you plan to try a different ramen or don't plan to order a drink - skip this. }

Garlic Spicy Ramen
chili pepper, kinton pork, bean sprout, scallion, fresh granted garlic

Cheese Ramen
miso and light soup, swiss cheese, kinton pork, bean sprout, corn, basil

{ Today, I tried the Cheese Ramen after all the hype that I was hearing from my friends. I was told it was a unique ramen that everyone had to try at least once. In my opinion, Cheese Ramen is not for everyone - you either love it or hate it. However, upon trying the Cheese Ramen, I must say I'm not on team 'love it'. I tried Kinton once before, during opening week, and nothing stood out for me. However, I tried the Miso Ramen last time and found it quite salty. Since Kinton has been open for awhile now & the hype was still buzzing, I decided that I would give it another try. Unfortunately, the miso & light soup base is still quite salty, and generally I enjoy salty things which says a lot! My friend Memie had the Garlic Spicy Ramen and had the same comment about her meal. Also, I found that even trying to mix the swiss cheese evenly before it melted and clumped it didn't help. The cheese clumped into 2 large chunks and imprisoned the ramen within it. I would recommend that you take out all the cheese and place it in a separate bowl and slowly pick it off and garnish your ramen with it while you eat it. The combination of the cheese being clumped and the salty soup base - the ramen was too much for me to eat & was quite filling. It's probably since potassium/salt is used in the process of making cheese to maintain its soft texture - the additional salt in soup base made the cheese morph & taste a little weird.  This was one meal I haven't finished a very, very long time. Perhaps, if it were dinner I would have finished more of my meal. I personally would not recommend Kinton, though I have heard others rave about it. Personally, I woud recommend Sansotei for a more consistent and savoury taste that isn't too salty. }

Kinton Ramen
51 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1L1
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