Saturday 15 June 2013

Cora's :: Breakfast with the Famjam

Blueberry Pancakes

{ Great pancakes! Cora's has definitely improved their pancakes from when they first opened the franchise in Ontario a couple years ago. The batter used to be too sweet, but since my grandfather was in town and trying Cora's for the first time - he shared a part of his hefty four-huge-pancakes portion with me. The pancakes are light and fluffy and just right in terms of sweetness! Now trying the pancakes again, I will definitely order this again in the future. }

Theo Omelette

Bagel & Lox

{ My all time favourite from Cora's! I order this 95% of times that I have been to Cora's - and that's quite often! If it's not the Bagel & Lox - It's the Poached Eggs with Cottage Cheese. }

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