Friday 13 December 2013

Rock n Horse Saloon :: After Work Drinks

Hello Everyone!

Rock 'n' Horse took over the old London Tap House and officially opened its doors on December 4th. It's a country themed bar. It has everything from square dancing waiters, cowboy hats, saddle bar stools, and a mechanical bull. That's right. A mechanical bull. All you need to do is tell your waiter you want to try it out, sign a waiver, and on you go! What also should be noted is that during the same week Boots & Burbon also opened up - it too is a country themed bar that also has a mechanical bull (and is also on my hit list). The south has definitely made an entrance in Toronto during our coldest season!

Strawberry Margarita ($14.75)
made with fresh squeezed lime and 100% Agave tequila

This margarita was huge! I didn't expect to finish it, but I did! It's quite flavourful, but the alcohol is quite present.

Caesar Salad ($9)
roasted garlic & crackled pepper dressing, shredded romaine, chorizo, crouton, asiago

This was one of the tastiest Caesar Salads I've had in quite sometime (all time favourite Caesar Salad still goes to Terra - the corn is genius). The lettuce was untraditionally diced/shredded/cut into smaller pieces allowing for more surface area to be coated with dressing. I really enjoyed the large crouton and the balsamic reduction.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($17)
jalapeño corn bread, coleslaw

The Buttermilk Fried Chicken was super tasty! The buttermilk batter was the epitome of comfort food and the chicken was quite moist. The jalapeño corn bread was delicious: slightly salty at first taste, but upon savouring it turns sweet! However, for $17, I was expecting a little more than 2 pieces of chicken and a single slice of corn bread.

Quesadilla ($10)
flour tortila, blend of sharp cheese, fresh guacamole, roasted corn & black bean salsa, sour cream
*add guacamole (+$4); add grilled chicken/pulled pork (+$5)

Disappointingly , the quesadilla is a single quesadilla. I personally was expecting maybe a second quesadilla for the price of $10. Otherwise, the quesadilla was delicious. 

Overall, Rock 'n' Horse is a great place to hang out with a group of friends! I wouldn't recommend this restaurant solely for the purpose of a meal as their menu isn't as extensive as a regular restaurant. However, what food I've tried thus far was quite good, but on the pricier side of things. Portions are more in the 'large snack' range opposed to a 'meal entree'. Additionally, due to the loud nature, it's not quite the place for people to catch up and have long conversations. However, as expected from a bar, the alcohol selection was quite vast. Rock 'n' Horse's signature drink, The Bulldog, should also be noted - a lime margarita with an upside down bottle of Corona. The atmosphere is amazingly stellar for fun occasions - complete with the free mechanical bull, large screen televisions, cowboy waiters, and the country dancing on the dance floor. I will most definitely heading back for fun and snacks!

Rock 'n' Horse
250 Adelaide Street West, Third Floor
Toronto, Ontario
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  2. i'm coming here for a work event Dec 8 (Fri). Not looking forward to the bull ride lol. I hope whatever I order is good..