Saturday 7 December 2013

F'Amelia :: Office Christmas Dinner

For my office's Christmas party, my employer treated us all to a meal at F'Amelia. A set menu was prepared (as such I cannot tell you the specific prices). I took pictures of my coworker's entrees as well but will not provide a commentary for them. 

F'Amelia is a quaint restaurant located in Cabbagetown, Downtown Toronto. Since it is now winter in Toronto, the seating is quite limited as most of their seating appears to be on the patio. The atmosphere was a European-like home-y. This place would be great for a date!

Raspberry Capairinha
house infused raspberry cachaca, sugar, lime, soda and fresh raspberries

Both my coworker and I got these drinks virgin. As an individual who enjoys tart flavours (and chewing on lemon wedges - yes slightly weird) the Raspberry Capairinha is quite sour (lime-flavour). Probably will not order this drink again. 

Sharing Platter
choice of 5 salumi/terrine and 3 cheeses with flat bread, sesame grissini pickles, and condiments

Wow this sharing platter was delicious! From the duck prosciutto to liver pâté, spicy sausages to brie. I especially enjoyed the liver pâté with bread and the duck proscuitto - they were both equally heavenly! What was even more delicious was the amuse bouche F'Amelia had. Unfortunately they are not pictured, but a single tortellini, gnocci, and other substantial pastas were placed on their own respective porcelain Chinese soup spoon. These were all extremely flavourful and buttery (but not overly butter). Based of these samplers, I would definitely recommend the pastas F'Amelia has to offer.

Puree of Green Cabbage Soup 
with fresh chives, nutmeg, and parmesan croutons

Roasted Brussel Sprout Salad 
with smoked prosciutto, monforte toscano cheese, and house-made red onion jam

The Roasted Brussel Sprout Salad is a warm salad and a perfect balance of saline (from the smoked prosciutto) and sweet (red onion jam) flavours. The Monforte Toscano cheese was a delicious combination with the brussel sprouts. I would love to order this salad again.


Although I didn't have the lasanga, both my coworker and I were surprised by the fact that lasanga portions were individually made (not a slice). However, she commented that consuming the lasanga was a little difficult.

Campagnola Pizza
marinated artichokes, baby spinach, fior di latte, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil

Aside from all the amazingly delicious appetizers, the pizza was a little of a disappointment. Although the pizza was decent, it was a little bland.

European Sea Bass
braised lentils with soffrito

Saffron Risotto
with housemade spicy lamb sausage and roasted red peppers

Pumpkin Cake 
with maple walnut gelato

This pumpkin cake was delicious! The pumpkin flavour was not overwhelming. My favourite component of this dessert was the maple walnut gelato! I can't get enough of it!

Chocolate Budino 
with hazelnut brittle and candied orange

Overall, I really enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and service provided by F'Amelia. The waitstaff were amazingly friendly and helpful. The amuse-bouche, appetizers, and desserts were outstanding! The coworkers I talked to all absolutely adored the appetizers and the desserts - as did I. However, we all agreed that the entrees were not at the same standard as the appetizers. On the other hand, the coworkers who had the sea bass were extremely pleased with their meal. I definitely look forward in returning to F'Amelia!

12 Amelia Street
Toronto, ON M4X1E1
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