Saturday 21 December 2013

Homemade :: Matcha Green Tea Latte

Hello Everyone!

One of my all-time favourite flavours is matcha green tea! It's what I always order at Starbucks (Green Tea Frappacino or Green Tea Latte). However, sometimes its nice to have the drink at home opposed to picking it up at a coffee shop. 

I picked up the pictured bag of matcha powder at JTown (Steeles & Woodbine) for $6.25 per 40g. This is the second bag I have purchased. It's a pretty good, but I haven't tried other brands yet so I can't compare. So far, I found that I haven't been able to fully dissolve the powder in boiling water, but it can also be due to the fact I've been arbitrarily adding the powder to hot water opposed to following the instructions indicated on the bag. I've also purchased a tin from Teavana ($19.95 for 40g), which I am planning to try when I finish my current bag. I will report if the price difference creates a huge difference in the quality of the matcha powder once I try it out.

Without further ado - here is how I made Matcha Green Tea Lattes at home!

First add the matcha powder to the pot. 
Follow the instructions provided on the matcha powder for optimal portions.

Next, add boiling water to the pot and stir well. 
Make sure that all the matcha is dissolved. If it isn't dissolved, the latte will taste a bit grainy and bitter.

Pour the milk into the glasses. 
Typically a glass half full of milk or more is better. You don't need a lot of the hot dissolved green tea. 

Add sugar or honey by taste. 
I don't add sugar as I prefer my lattes to be more on the bitter side than the sweet side. However, most matcha powders are unsweetened (except the green tea powder from Starbucks is pre-sweetened) so most people add sweetener. I had a discussion with a Starbucks barista who suggested to add vanilla syrup.


PS: Typically, I don't use a separate container to dissolve the matcha powder in boiling water prior to pouring it into milk, but this method has taught throughout various blogs and YouTube videos. For single glasses/personal portions, I normally mix the powder with a little hot water in the drinking cup and fill the remaining part of the cup with milk.

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