Saturday 5 March 2016

Fuh :: Dinner Round #2

Build Your Own Fuh ($8.95)
rare beef, bean sprouts, mint, basil, arugula, garlic, carrots, lime, cilantro, beef stock

After hearing about this place from several friends, I finally got to try this restaurant with Chris, Jenn, and Wendy. Since this was round 2 of dinner, I ended up sharing this bowl with Wendy, whilst the other two had their own bowls. The best way I can describe Fuh is by comparing it to Subway where the bowl is your 'bread' and the ingredients are placed in front of you in containers and you just point at what you want. You also have a choice of building your own sandwich or picking a preset one like a footlong sweet onion chicken teriyaki. I would still consider Fuh a fast food joint.

While the other two also opted to get set bowls (pre chosen combination of ingredients), Wendy and I chose to build our own pho bowl! It was interesting designing our own pho bowl as Fuh also had some non-traditional ingredients like carrots and arugula. While the pho was pretty decent, I didn't think it was amazing enough to warrant a trip to try it. Fuh doesn't taste like authentic Vietnamese pho (more like westernized Asian fusion) and the beef broth was quite salty. One thing of note was that the service was quite friendly and very prompt. I would recommend only trying Fuh if you were in the area and looking for some hot soup noodles to warm you up in the winter.

2218 N Lincoln Ave
 Chicago, IL 60614

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