Tuesday 5 May 2015

Bang Bang Ice Cream :: After Lunch Treat - Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich!

Jumbo Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich ($4.80)
London Fog Macaron Shell + London Fog Ice Cream

The macaron ice cream sandwich was much anticipated treat as this was my third visit to Bang Bang Ice Cream and it was the first time that it wasn't sold out! Unfortunately, macaron sandwiches are not as customizable as the cookie ice cream sandwiches, the ice cream puffs, or the HK waffle cones as you cannot select the macaron shell or the ice cream because they are pre-made and are kept frozen in the refrigerator close to the entrance. 

Despite the lack of customizability, I quite enjoyed the London fog macaron ice cream sandwich! I was told that the macaron shell was also London fog flavoured but to me it tasted more like vanilla bean. The texture of the macaron was still crunchy (as it did crack upon biting the sandwich) but slightly chewy - which I quite enjoyed as it was very reminiscent of my favourite macarons in the city which can be purchased from MoRoCo in Yorkville. The London fog ice cream perfectly complimented the macaron shell. Neither the macaron or the ice cream was overly sweet and both were quite light. 

I would definitely recommend trying the macaron ice cream sandwiches if you are able to get your hands on it!

PS: Don't forget to click the Bang Bang Ice Cream tag to see photos from previous visits!

Bang Bang Ice Cream
93 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON M6J 2Z4
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