Sunday 4 May 2014

Yum Cha TO - Part 2 :: Dim Sum Festival with Jenn

Babi & Co :: Babi on a Bun ($5)
braised pork belly on fried buns with pickled cucumbers

Linda's :: SK Thai Iced Tea ($3)

Globe Bistro :: Ontario Elk & Wild Ginger Gyoza, Duck Confit Onion Pancake with Black Garlic Hoisin, and Vegetarian Northern Woods Mushroom Siu Mai ($5 for all 3)

Linda's Thai Iced Tea & Globe Bistro's Dim Sum Combo

Gojira Combo ($12)
Shiu Mai Cinco De Mayo Mucho Taco, Chicharito 18 Fat Choy Spring Slaw and, Ginger Lemonade Green Cha



36 Wagstaff Drive

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