Thursday 1 May 2014

The Red Bench - Organic Frozen Yogurt & Cookie Bar :: Custom Cookie Cravings!

Walnut Ave Green Tea Latte & Made to Order Mini Cookies
($3.99 for 5 mini cookies; $6.99 combo with latte)
made to order cookies: original organic dough, snicker bits, & macadamia nuts

Made to Order Cookie Pricing:
Choice of dough + 2 mix ins for 5 mini cookies is $3.99

Milk & Cookies is $5.99
Tea & Cookies is $5.99
Iced Tea & Cookies is $6.99
Tea Latte & Cookies is $6.99
Coffee & Cookies is $4.99 (s)/$5.99 (l)
Iced Coffee & Cookies is $5.99

This was my first visit to The Red Bench and I quite enjoyed it! I've walked past The Red Bench (which also has an iconic red bench directly outside) on Yonge Street on multiple occasions before, but I have never stepped in. The interior of the restaurant is quaint and as an equally sweet aroma. But more importantly, the cookie dough is amazing! The staff baked the cookies to perfection. Soft but also with a crunch. The cookies literally melt in your mouth! I highly recommend the made-to-order cookies to everyone. In addition, if you go online, you can get free delivery with the code REDBENCH via Hurrier. 

However, aside from all the amazing compliments I can pay to their baked goods, but I tried the Walnut Ave Green Tea and didn't enjoy it. The barista asked if I wanted it sweetened or not; I asked for it to be only slightly sweetened. It was terribly and unbearably sweet. I hardly return food to the kitchen and normally suffer through sweet drinks, but this time I couldn't bring myself to finish it. As such, I recommend others to request unsweetened lattes in the future. Nonetheless, despite this instance, I would definitely and highly anticipate my next trip to The Red Bench.

Store Environment

Dough Choices

Mix-in Choices

Mix-Ins Choices

Already Made Gourmet Cookies

The Red Bench
611 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z5
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