Sunday 7 June 2015

Zakkushi on Carlton :: NYC Planning Dinner with Tiffany & Nina (Missing Taylor!) + Trying Something New!

Hey guys!

I thought I would give video blogging a dinner a try for fun - let me know what you guys think.
It's my first time filming (Canon G7X - new) & editing a video (all on an iPhone 6) - I think it turned out pretty well and I'm quite happy with the results.

Click here to watch in HD!

Dishes Ordered
Sapporo Pitcher ($9.99)
Kura Buta Bacon Caesar Salad ($6)
Waygu Beef ($6.8/skewer)
Horenso Ninniku Foil Yaki ($5.9)
Ebimayo ($7.5)
Mé Maki ($1.9/skewer)
Mochi Maki ($2/skewer)
Scallop ($3.1/skewer)
Chicken Gizzard ($1.9/skewer)
Tomato ($1.7/skewer)
Negi P-Toro Don ($7.5)

This was my second visit to Zakkushi, my last visit being when they first opened a couple years ago. The food at Zakkushi was delicious and I would definitely recommend going. Even after opening a couple years ago, it's still quite busy so reservations would be a wise choice. I would highly recommend ordering the Mochi Maki, Chicken Gizzard, and the Waygu Beef as those were my favourite skewers. Also, all the main dishes that were ordered, including the Kura Buta Bacon Caesar Salad, Foil Yaki, and Negi P-Toro, were full of flavour so I would definitely give those a try as well.

Zakkushi on Carlton
193 Carlton Street
Toronto, ON M5A 2K7
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