Thursday 6 March 2014

Picnic Food :: First Try

In the last few months on my commute to work, I noticed the construction and opening of Picnic Food. Today, I finally had a chance to try it out with my co-worker David during our lunch hour. We ordered the following and split it between us. 

Fresh Salad ($6.99)
Asian Dressing (Complimentary with salad; you get a choice of various different dressings)
Chicago Mix Popcorn ($1.99)

Pulled Pork & Quinoa Bowl

The restaurant looks very minimalistic and modern. Price points are incredibly decent and feature a lot of healthy food options such as fruit, vegetarian, salads, and protein shakes. As someone who works in the Bloor Street/Yorkville area, I will definitely be coming here more often. The staff were extremely friendly and the food is incredibly fresh (especially the salad!). What is interesting is they have a large communal seating area (which is kind of like a huge picnic table). They also have a customer loyalty stamp card where after buying 12 sandwiches/soups/salads you are rewarded with a free sandwich. My first impressions of this food establishment is overall quite good. I also really love the logo - it looks like a smiling watermelon!

60 Bloor Street West (Underground Concourse)
Toronto, ON M4W 3B8
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