Thursday 20 February 2014

Donburi :: Chillin in Curry

J17 BBQ Beef Short Ribs ($6.5)

The BBQ Beef Short Ribs were tasty and tender. Good size if you just want to satisfy a craving for BBQ Beef Short Ribs but don't want a full meal to eat it.

J2 Takoyaki ($5)

The takoyaki was good! Lots of tasty sauce and not overly doughy. Since its a tapa or "Japa" size, great for snacks or sharing.

J11 Chicken Karaage ($5)

Chicken Karaage was good too! I liked the tangy sauce provided with the karaage. Karaage was lightly battered and deliciously crispy. I wish that the Chicken Karaage came with more sauce such that it was more evenly distributed amongst all the pieces.

J5 Renkon Chips ($3.5)

I think this was my favourite "Japa" of them all! The renkon (lotus flower) was wonderfully crispy but light, tasty, and well seasoned. I would definitely order this again. 

Miso Soup & Salad (comes with C2)

C2 Pork Katsu Curry Rice ($9)

When Donburi first opened up, presentation for the plain curry used to be presented as above (with the cute rice person bathing in curry), however with the increased business, Irene Lee (the restaurant manager; sister of the owner) explained to me that they no longer present it this way since it was too time consuming to present it nicely and have the orders come out in a timely fashion. Since my mother dinned at Donburi when it first opened and had a picture of the older plating style, I kindly requested they remake it for me :). Curry was sweet (but not overly so), flavourful, and not too salty and the protein was cooked tenderly. 

Nonetheless, the service at Donburi is impeccable and for dinners who do not speak any Asian languages would be pleased to know that the wait staff at Donburi are fluent in English. The staff are passionate about Donburi and genuinely want to ensure that you enjoy your experience at their restaurant. I highly recommend Donburi for the welcoming environment it provides - tidy restaurant, extremely friendly staff, free wifi, table top outlets so then you can charge your mobile phone, and a moderate ambient noise level.

PS: Snap a picture of yourself with your empty bowl and Instagram Donburi (@Donburi_CAN) to qualify for a stamp for the Donburi Sensei Program. Every stamp you get counts as a point in the program and prizes are received accordingly! (See rules at

505 Highway 7 E Unit 93-95
Markham, ON L3T 7T1
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