Wednesday 29 January 2014

Slab Burgers :: Work Lunch

Single Slab Burger (5oz) Combo with Green Salad ($8.99)

Slab Burgers is a cozy burger joint located near the Bloor & Bay intersection in Downtown Toronto. Although it is a stand alone shop, it is quite reminiscent of the Hero Burger. All burgers are hand made and shaped daily with 100% fresh premium ground beef that is smashed, seasoned, and seared. They offer free toppings and sauces (click here to view). 

For my particular burger, I ordered the following toppings: ketchup, slab sauce, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and relish, sauteed mushrooms.The burger was delicious and its taste paralleled a homestyle bbq burger. The ingredients were fresh and I loved the fact they had sauteed mushrooms as part of their free condiments. Since I believe the burgers are made to order (with the patty pre-made daily) the wait time is sufficiently longer than a fast food joint. Nonetheless the burger was delicious and I would return again. It was tasty, but nothing that you must absolutely try. This is my second visit to Slab Burgers, and so far their burgers are consistently good. However, since I mixed the ketchup and the slab sauce, I couldn't really pin point what slab sauce exactly tastes like.

Green Salad (Regular price outside of combo $2.99)
lettuce, tomato, balsamic vinagrette

I absolutely loved the fact that Slab Burgers offered a healthier alternative to french fries (though they are the default side for combos). The salad was delicious, similar to some side salads I've had at restaurants. It was fresh. I personally enjoy poutine cheese curds so I loved the fact they also included their poutine cheese curds in their salad. 
(I am particularly interested in returning to try their poutines!)

Slab Burger
47 Charles Street West, Unit B
Toronto, ON M4Y 2R4
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