Monday 23 January 2012

Bymark :: Tiffany's Birthday Dinner

:: Drinks ::

Pink Champagne
Wild Blossom

:: Appetizer ::

Butter Braised Lobster Poutine
crisp frites, classic bearnaise

Daily Special with Bread

:: Entrees ::

Mafalda Corta & Braised Short Rib
roasted squash, shaved pecorino & tomato gremolata

Lamb Three Ways
seared chop, sausage, braised shank & du puy lentils

Smoked Day Boat Scallop
sleek & caramelized onion ravioli & scallion ginger pesto

:: Dessert ::

Trio of Desserts
it was my friend's birthday :)

66 Wellington St. W
Toronto, ON M5K 1J3

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