Sunday 28 February 2016

Neo Coffee Bar :: Waiting for Departure

Kyoto Matcha Latte (~$6 with tax)

I've been meaning to visit NEO COFFEE BAR for quite some time and finally had a chance to do so when I was downtown exceptionally early for my flight back to Chicago. While my visit was a very quick detour to the airport, I did enjoy my time there and would definitely return. I absolutely adore matcha green tea lattes and it's no secret that it's my staple order for Starbucks (ask my fellow team mates at my office!). However, NEO COFFEE BAR does matcha lattes traditionally. It's not some sweetened powder that's prepackaged and mixed such that one or two scoops added to steamed milk and it's good (like Starbucks) but the baristas here take their time to make a quality matcha latte by properly whisking the Kyoto matcha powder with the bamboo matcha whisk and slowly steaming the milk to the correct temperature. The Kyoto Matcha Latte was very smooth and didn't have any matcha powder clumps. I look forward in returning to try it again, along with the cafe's assortment of sandwiches and Japanese inspired desserts.

Unit 100-161 Frederick Street 
Toronto ON M5A 4P3

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