Saturday 18 April 2015

Bareburger :: Dinner with Taylor

Taylor's Burger

Hog Wild ($12.25)
wild boar, pimento cheese, fried egg, chickpea onions, picked green tomatoes, brioche bun
*chickpea onions were subbed for wild mushrooms

Side of Baby Green Salad ($4.85)

Ginger Green Iced Tea 20oz ($3.25)

Located near the Eaton's Centre on Bay & Dundas, I've walked past Bareburger a couple times prior to trying it out. The menu is unique with a variety of interesting patties to choose from like elk and wild boar. Bareburger allows you to customize any of the burgers on the menu or make your own which is cool. Although the food was quite wholesome (they are advertised as organic and hormone free), the burgers lacked flavour and the portions are quite small. Side salad was also quite small but was decent. The ice tea on the larger side but tasted watered down/diluted with an ever so slight flavour of ginger and green tea. Although the ingredients were good quality, it was quite expensive for the portion given. Both Taylor and I were quite hungry after our meal and agreed for the value and flavour we both favoured Hero Burger instead.

111 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M5G 1C4
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