Friday 22 August 2014

Five Napkin Grill :: First Stop in Miami

Virgin Bellini ($5 USD)
white peach purée & club soda

Happy Hour Sliders ($2 USD)
beef, turkey, & veggie

Sweetened Cranberry Iced Tea ($6 USD)
iced black tea, agave, & cranberry juice


  1. ok
    I just went through your blog and I love it. I'm really glad you decided to name the dishes in your glorious photos.It was the only thing missing.

    1. Hi SurlyQ Bear!

      Thank you for looking through my blog! I try to put the names and prices of dishes as much as possible, but since I blog the pictures in real time and when I have freetime I slowly add captions and comments when I have time since I eat faster than I'm able to write! But keep visiting back and you'll see the updates :) xx

      - S